Midwest Marketing worked with the Rapid City Rush from 2010-2016 on all aspects of their marketing. Midwest Marketing placed media in a 5 state region to a wide variety of target markets, concentrating on recruiting people to experience the entertainment value that Rush hockey offers the entire region.

Types of Work: Branding Development, Media + Digital Strategy, Audio + Video Production, Creative Services and Grassroots efforts.

Results: In the 2015-2016 season, the Rush started offering a new military discount. The discount was for buy one, get one free tickets for all active duty and retired military personnel to Friday games. Our team designed static banner ads in different sizes for a customized mobile geo-targeting campaign. We launched the mobile geo-targeting to Ellsworth Air Force Base and the National Guard Camp. With the season’s end, we were able to pull a zip code report of single game ticket purchases. The reports show a 71% increase in ticket sales to those areas over the prior season.