Jon Sasse, Audio & Video Director

Jon grew up in Rapid City. When he was young he had several career paths he wanted to follow, including, but not limited to a scientist, architect, car designer or fiction writer. After realizing he had not the mathematical skills required for science or architecture, nor the engineering prowess for car design, and finding the world of writing to be more difficult that he imagined, Jon stumbled his way into video production. His first introduction was a high school Radio & TV class, following in the footsteps of his older brother. That class was fated to set him on his path towards world domination…. or video production.

Jon attended the Film and Television program at what is now Full Sail University. After college Jon found himself back in Rapid City working at a local TV station. He performed such roles as teleprompter operator, camera and audio opera, lifter of heavy objects, janitor, truck driver, wildlife animal control (the bat incident), web producer and eventually the sole commercial video editor. He continued to hone his editing skills, as well as motion graphics, compositing and videography. After ten years in broadcast, Jon was whisked into the world of “advertising agency life” at Midwest Marketing in 2010. There he found a true home to stretch his creative muscles in a variety of projects, from video promotions, steady-cam shooting, music videos, and 3D.

Adobe After Effects is like a second child to Jon, just slightly less important to him than his actual son. Since joining Midwest, the video department has won several ADDY awards for his blood sweat and tears. Outside of the office, a few of Jon’s interests include: computers (PC for life!), cosmology, Game of Thrones, motorcycle road racing (MotoGP!), metal music, YouTube, sportbikes, ancient history, video games (he is a dude after all), and Dungeons & Dragons baby!