The 2023 Design Types that Remain Relevant

Person working on a laptop


In 2023, the need for digital designs continued to increase, as more brands grew their online presence. Whether it’s for organic or paid purposes, businesses need creative assets to stand out. So, it’s no surprise that the top 10 most popular designs revolved around branded content on social media and other placements around the digital landscape.


The top 10 design types in 2023 were digital ads and graphics, Instagram and Facebook posts, multi-channel social media campaigns, flyers, LinkedIn posts, motion graphics templates, blog graphics, presentation design, logos, and basic photo edits.





While these types of designs aren’t going anywhere in 2024, there are new ones to consider adding to your organization’s brand kit. However, there are also some that just aren’t performing as well anymore, and you may want to consider removing it from your marketing strategy. We’ll cover the hot and not-so-hot 2024 design trends in part 2!



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