3 Reasons Google+ Failed

With all of the social media platforms, you have to be 100% prepared when you decide to create a new network. The competition is well grounded and fierce, even when you’re Google. Google learned quickly it wasn’t set apart enough from Facebook to be successful. Here is a quick highlight to the fall of Google+:

1. The World doesn’t need another Facebook

The powerhouse of social media has the monopoly and for great reason. Facebook has 1.3 Billion users and are continually making improvements to please the user. With Facebook introducing search capabilities now- there’s not much else they can conquer.

2. Cash Bonus Manipulation Didn’t Work on Employees

Google sent out a memo saying the performance of Google+ would either positively or negatively affect their bonuses by 25%. Unfortunately, this incentive had a negative outcome from employees and Googles mission. The employees should have spent more time focusing on making Google’s services better not growing a social media platform.

3. Flawed Vision

From the very start, Google+ didn’t have anything that set it apart from other platforms. The campaign on Google+ was focused on speed, not strategy. This was the number one reason several employees voiced why Google+ failed.

So with Google+ behind us and a bright 2016 in front of us, let’s look forward to a great year of social media growth in 2016. If you need help knowing what platforms to implement for your business, give Midwest Marketing a call today!