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Todd Hunting

Hunting Buddy

As a kid I enjoyed to hunt and fish with my dad and brothers. As we got older we did less hunting and more fishing. Eventually I completely stopped hunting but always had the childhood memories. About 16 years ago a long time friend moved back to South Dakota. He got hooked on duck and … Continue reading “Hunting Buddy”

Changing Leaves and Business

Changing Leaves and Business

You don’t need to wait until spring to clean up your marketing plan. Fall is the time that most businesses start to reflect of the past year of business and look to the future year just as the season begins to change. It’s when you begin to reevaluate last year’s strength and shortfalls, and start … Continue reading “Changing Leaves and Business”

6 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized

6 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized

I am that personality type that far too often, “flies by the seat of her pants.” It’s not a trait I’d advise. Even though it leaves room for spontaneous adventure, it can be super dysfunctional at times. So if you are like me tips on how to stay organized are always appreciated. 1. Know Your … Continue reading “6 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized”

Google Click to Text

Google’s new Click-to-Text

It’s no surprise Google is constantly keeping us on our toes with the latest technology and online marketing strategies. Recently Google released their new call to action extension with search ads. The Click-to-Text is generating a new, effective way for consumers to message and communicate with a business. With nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners using … Continue reading “Google’s new Click-to-Text”

Creatives and Coffee

Why do Creatives and Coffee go together?

Coffee has incredible powers. It has the ability to jumpstart our day and spark amazing conversations with people and it may even boost your brainstorm sesh at work. Every morning I joke saying don’t talk to me before 9:00am (usually after the second cup of coffee) because then the caffeine will have had time wake … Continue reading “Why do Creatives and Coffee go together?”

Top 3 Ways to Improve Client Agency Relationships

When I was preparing to write this blog I was interested to find out that the 3 things I value in my relationship as an agency owner with my client, are also the three things I value most in my relationship with my husband. In any relationship, it is important to be transparent. Don’t spend … Continue reading “Top 3 Ways to Improve Client Agency Relationships”

How your environment helps your creativity

How Your Environment Helps Your Creativity

There is a great scene that I love, at the beginning of the movie, Joe Versus the Volcano. It begins with the main character Joe Banks (played by Tom hanks), trudging from the parking lot, to his job with a horde of coworkers, in a dazed and zombie-like state. When he arrives at the building, … Continue reading “How Your Environment Helps Your Creativity”

There’s the 4Ps of marketing, but are you missing the C?

You can have the perfect mix of the 4 P’s, Product, Price, Promotion, and Place, but you can’t expect your marketing to work if you’re missing a C, Customer Service! The last thing a customer is going to remember is how they felt when they left your business, not the other 4 P’s. Here are … Continue reading “There’s the 4Ps of marketing, but are you missing the C?”

Working Proud at Midwest Marketing

I am often asked “What is so different about Midwest Marketing?” or “Why are your people different?”. Our Partners say “Midwest Marketing has a vibe, a connection.” We say “We don’t need a lot of people because we have the right people.” It’s our purpose to create solutions that make you “Become Greater Than.” I … Continue reading “Working Proud at Midwest Marketing”

The Importance of Audio in Video

Audio… the often forgotten and overlooked little brother to the much flashier visuals. But for a production to truly shine to its fullest potential, having good audio is a must. There are many aspects to it as well, first and foremost, the capturing of high quality audio. The use of the built-in microphone of a … Continue reading “The Importance of Audio in Video”