Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 as a memorial by Anna Jarvis held for her mother. Mother’s Day is the celebration of one’s mother. The Midwest Marketing team took time to reflect on our incredible moms:

My mom was the leader of our house. She led her four daughters to be able to do everything a man can do. And she succeeded. I only knew one other friend growing up that only had one parent besides me. What my mom gave us was a great example of how a person should live their life by giving unconditional love. We did not have money. We did not have many things. We had work ethic. We had a great leader. My three sisters and I have become very successful business women each in our own fields: Marketing, Medical, Education and Archeology. Thank you mom for giving us the best role model anyone could ask for.


One morning, while standing by the road waiting for the school bus with my two brothers, a strange car pulled off the road into our drive way. The lady driver struck up a brief conversation with us, and then offered to give us a ride to school. My older brother (who should have known better!) started for the car, against my advice I might add, when my mom opened the door to our house and yelled down to the end of the driveway. Immediately the lady driver grabbed the handle of her opened passenger side door, threw it shut, and tore out of there as if she were being chased by a pack of rabid wolves. To this day I like to remind my older brother, who seems to have a memory gap of that time, of just how lucky he was that our mother was vigilant enough to stop a potential child kidnapper.


I always love going shopping with my mom in the wintertime while all the guys go hunting. We shop until we drop, enjoy the ethnicity of our nation through holiday craft shows and going out to eat. It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year!


My mom has always been there for us. She never worked while we were growing up. She would see us off to school and would be there when we came home. Once we all grew up she started taking care of the neighbor kids. They all called her grandma. When we started having our own kids, she was there for us again, taking care of them. She’s always been there and I don’t know what we would do without her. I love you mom.


A Moment in time can alter one’s lifetime view. Growing up in a single mom home, it was always just me and mom, well and my dogs and my bird. Like kids do, they soak up everything around them and learn, but reflecting on her true spirit of fight and the umph to bulldoze through life’s challenges, I knew that’s how I wanted to face this time on earth. Giving birth to my child was “that moment” when I realized oh crap this is real, but if my mom did it, I can too. With the support and encouragement through those first few months of oh my God what I have gotten myself into, she has always been my immovable steadfast rock. When a child’s eye light up with wondrous excitement, a blanket of joy, soothes the “am I doing this right” fears. The first time my little girl saw the ocean she was about 1 and half. We were on a family vacation in Florida. The long walk towards the loud crashing waves and the strange feeling of sand between her toes she looked up at me and squished her face. As we got closer to the water you could see in her wide eyes the hesitation but taking in the awe of it all. Clinging on to me for dear life, we let the waves tickle our toes and within five minutes all anxiety of the unknown had been washed away and we were neck deep in the ocean. My little fish had sprouted fins and loves the water!


To choose one memory of why I adore my mother seems impossible. This is because her support and love was unconditional. There wasn’t a cross-country meet missed, an art show where she wasn’t there, a sleep over where she didn’t get up early to play a prank on all my friends and make us a huge breakfast. She never neglected her Santa, Easter bunny or Tooth Fairy duties. Not to mention the late nights she’d stay up editing my high school book reports, just to have to go work an 8 hour day in a few short hours. The numerous times she listened to my overly descriptive drama or comforted me during a break up. The 100 plus care packages she sent while in college. Or the countless nights she offered to be the taxi driver often- aka “the DD” even when this meant holding my hair back. For saying yes to ALMOST everything I asked for even when I didn’t deserve it. Or the endless times she showed me how to be a good friend, or why it’s important to give to others often. Not to mention she is the best dog grandma to date. So my favorite memory is just a lifetime of moments with this incredible super hero, I call mom.


My best memories of my mom are actually happened on the worst days. My mother loves to do puzzles which is prevalent every time you visit her house because there is always a puzzle half-finished on her dining room table. While growing up, on the days when the skies opened up and it poured down rain, my mom and I would spend hours together piecing together some of the most elaborate puzzles. Of course there would always be a piece that I would spend what seemed like forever trying to find and she would find in a second.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Midwest Marketing.