Why #FirstSevenJobs Matters

From the first days of Kindergarten to the day you graduate college and beyond– “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question is asked over and over. Everyone has an answer for it, whether it’s “brain surgeon” or “monster truck driver.” It’s not easy to get there though.

The hashtag #FirstSevenJobs is great because it shows how much work it takes to get your dream job. You don’t get hired as a brain surgeon right out of High School. On Twitter, Buzz Aldrin shared that he was a dishwasher and camp counselor before breaking into his career as an astronaut.  Christina Perri was a waitress. Twice. So, here at Midwest Marketing we decided to share our #FirstSevenJobs to prove that hard work pays off.

Restaurant Hostess (with the mostess)
Retail Sales Associate
Grocery Store Cashier
Restaurant Server & Bartender
Project Coordinator
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Strategist

Dad’s Office Helper
Chocolate Lady/Barista
College Lunchroom Card-Swiper
TV Saleswoman
Marketing Strategist

Ice cream scooper
Deli clerk
Grocery advertising
Newspaper ad rep
Marketing director
Ad agency owner

Newspaper Delivery
Maintenance Worker
Warehouse Stocker
Call Center
Broadcast TV
Video Editor

Book store
Professional retail clothes folder
Graphic artist/digital photographer @ book publishing company
RIP room/web graphics at newspaper
Mom/Graduate Assistant
Graphic Designer
Sr. Graphic Designer

Black Hills Greyhound Racing
United Phonebook Company
Allison Publishing
Rapid City Journal
Midwest Marketing, LLC

Swim Instructor
Retail cashier
Banking intern
Legal Secretary
Marketing Assistant