The Next Mobile Marketing Platform: Your Car

We are getting closer and closer to driving fully autonomous cars. Not only will this make a huge difference in passenger safety, but what happens when you don’t have to pay attention to the road? Our entire culture will change when your focus can be elsewhere. The average commute in America is 25 minutes. Multiply that twice every workday and you have over 200 hours of time that you have back in your hands.

How will marketers take advantage of this? Well… you already have a nice touch screen in your car. There will be advertisements there. In your car. You can’t drive past them, and you certainly can’t miss them. We already have geo-fencing capabilities through our phones, but how great would it be to get a notification that you are driving past a top-rated roadside attraction while you’re travelling cross-country? Or what if your car syncs up with your mobile searches from a few days ago, letting you know that you are driving near a store that has exactly what you were looking for? Sounds pretty great to me! Just like the smartphone started simple and technology increased by leaps and bounds over a few years, we can expect the same with vehicle technology.

This is an exciting time for marketing– we will be able to create on a ton of different platforms and discover new ways to make our presence known.