The Unwritten Rules of Facebook Live

Facebook live rolled out in August 2015, but it became available to everyone in April 2016.  It has gained a lot of ground in the last year, but there are some unwritten rules about how to use it. We decided to write them down.


Give good content.
Just because a video is live, doesn’t mean people will watch it. In order to get followers, you need to give them something valuable to watch! Create an enticing headline, move quickly, and keep rolling. Don’t just blab about something you don’t know about, speak about something that you are an expert in!

Don’t use it every day.
Facebook live is not going to give viewers a refined video. There is no editing, it’s jumpy, and it doesn’t have the best quality. It doesn’t show your best work. That said, the reason it appeals to people is that it shows live action. This is great for events and promotions. To keep Facebook Live videos appealing to your followers, use them sparingly and be sure to have great content.

Get your timing right.
In order for people to react to your live broadcast, you have to give your viewers time to tune in. Live videos perform better with live comments. Aim for about 5 minutes for a good start to a live video. If your video is a long one, remember to re-introduce yourself to viewers that are just joining in on the broadcast.


When to use Facebook Live:

Hosting a drawing
Unveiling a new product
Sharing a how-to project
Live events
Behind the scenes


Don’t be afraid to go Live! More people are interested in clicking on a live video, so get out there and do it!