Why You Should Hire Midwest Marketing!

When a company is determining the most cost effective way to implement marketing, they often think that doing the marketing themselves or hiring someone internally will save them money. The truth is a great marketing company will actually save you money as well as time, energy, and resources. Here are 10 reasons why you need a marketing agency, and why you should hire Midwest Marketing LLC.

  1. Save on Taxes.
    Employee time is heavily taxed, but all monies paid to a marketing agency are 100% tax deductible. With an employee, the IRS adds taxes onto social security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes. This could be up to an additional 40% on top of an employee’s salary. So not only are you saving money by not paying extra taxes for an employee, but you can write off the entire amount paid as an advertising related expense.
  1. No salaries to pay.
    When you hire a marketing agency, you only pay for their services when you need them. There is no fixed monthly salary to pay. In addition, this will provide you with flexibility in spending your marketing dollars.
  1. No software or equipment to buy.
    Reliable and state-of-the-art equipment and programs are needed by professional media buyers, graphic designers, and web programmers. The equipment and software alone will cost you tens of thousands of dollars; not to mention supplying an office, desk, phone, and other items.
  1. No benefits
    Health, dental, life, disability, 401k, vacations, holidays… the list of employee benefits goes on and on. When you hire a marketing company you have no benefit costs associated with your marketing and advertising efforts.
  1. Save on printing and promotional products
    Marketing and advertising firms have great connections with printers and promotional product vendors that allow them volume and competitive prices that your company may not get. In addition, they pay the bills from these vendors for you, which lightens the load on your accounting department.
  1. SEO bill is hard to fill.
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing is essential to the growth of your website and internet presence. This landscape of media is a different game than the traditional media scene. Even if you have a marketing employee, you will likely need to hire a SEO professional.
  1. Ease of project management
    A marketing company has the staff to manage a project from beginning to end. They not only can design the logo, but implement the logo into a brochure, television commercial, and pay-per-click ad. These projects require a wide range of interconnected skills and abilities as well as the appropriate time spent on each to ensure cost control and ROI objectives.
  1. Right choices for the right reasons
    Marketing agencies review quantitative and qualitative data in the marketplace to ensure your money is being allocated to the appropriate media outlets. Instead of you having to make a guess of which radio or television station you should advertise with, your marketing firm will match your customer demographic with the perfect partners. Not to mention, your marketing company will deal with the dozens of media reps and telemarketers so you do not have to.
  1. Tracking time and efficiencies
    With a marketing company, you will receive an estimated project cost along with the projected schedule, timeline, expenses, etc., up front. Regardless of how efficient a salaried employee could be, it is extremely hard to determine how much the project is actually costing to complete. Tracking the return on advertising investment is most accurate when performed by a marketing firm.
  1. Quality
    A marketing company will produce quality that would be rare to find in one individual. A marketing firm works as a team of educated individuals, all with different talents, to produce expert workmanship. From logo design, media placement, video production to web programming; a marketing company will handle it all for you.