Things that stay the same in Marketing

As marketers, we are constantly trying to keep up-to-date with pop culture, technology, and marketing trends. Some of these trends come and go, while others can hang on for decades. Here are some things that we don’t think will be going anywhere.

  1. Strong Relationships
    1. Even if you are an online business, you must have a relationship with your clients. Trustworthiness is what keeps them coming back. Provide excellent customer service, and be genuine. Do this, and watch the referrals roll in.
  2. The need to grab Attention
    1. There are many different ways to grab attention. Some TV commercials choose to go with the loud yelling technique; others go with silence and only words flashing on the screen. Maybe it’s bright colors or a memorable statistic. No matter how you do it, it is important to be able to bring a spark of interest to your viewer.
  3. Memorable Ads
    1. Even if people think they aren’t affected by ads, they are. Ads leave impressions. Think of some of the Super Bowl commercials you have seen in the last decade. Remember that awkward law firm commercial? How about a creative billboard you pass every day on your way to work? Even subconsciously, they leave impressions.
  4. Advertising will always be “worth it” to companies
    1. In order to sell things, people have to know about them. Advertising is more complicated than it sounds. That’s why successful companies pay for agencies, or hire experts. Sometimes you have to put in a little cash to get a good return.

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