Ins and Outs of Content Marketing

Quality content is the most important part of creating a successful inbound marketing campaign. Content marketing can be presented on many different platforms, including social media, blogs, and e-mail campaigns. Social media is one of the top platforms to share high quality content. Using social media is a great way to connect to consumers by incorporating your employees, how-to articles, and positive business reviews. These things create brand loyalty, which is incredibly important to your business longevity. But as great as social media is, your blog is where the best content should be. Use your social media accounts to share what you write, but you need to be writing your own articles and publishing them on a blog. You are an expert, after all.

Ask Questions!
Get people involved. Ask them for their suggestions. What would they change in your list? With each comment, your post gains credibility. Comments also give it the ability to spread through social media like wildfire.

Quality vs. Quantity
There’s no clear winner here. You need both. Start by making a schedule and posting a blog at least twice each month. No matter what your profession, there should be enough quality content for you to write about. We’re only asking for 24 things each year!

Create an enticing Headline
To me, this is the most difficult task. Luckily there are tons of tools out there to help you create the perfect headline for your blog post. Numbered lists are always good, how-to articles are great, and adjectives are a must.

A picture is worth 1,000 words
You simply must have a picture to go with your content. It sets the tone for the article and can serve as a little bit of clickbait to get the ball rolling. Choose something out-of-the-box with bright colors, or something emotional in black & white to really spark interest.

Double Check
For goodness sake, please use proper grammar. For those sticklers out there, credibility goes out the door with the wrong form of “your”. Don’t lose good readers for something as simple as that! Always ask someone to proofread your articles before they are published.

Involve Employees
It may seem like a daunting task to create dozens of articles by yourself. And you’re right. It probably is. So, share the workload! At Midwest Marketing, we gather a hefty list of topic ideas, make a yearly calendar, and divvy out the responsibilities. This way, you have in writing what needs to be done. Another benefit of sharing the work with co-workers is that each person gets to focus on their strengths and input their experiences.