Working Proud at Midwest Marketing

I am often asked “What is so different about Midwest Marketing?” or “Why are your people different?”.

Our Partners say “Midwest Marketing has a vibe, a connection.” We say “We don’t need a lot of people because we have the right people.” It’s our purpose to create solutions that make you “Become Greater Than.”

I am not going to write about the boring stuff of – Why Midwest Marketing; like benefits, vacation and 401K (although they are very important) – I am going to write about what I feel like working at Midwest Marketing.

I am proud to be part of a team of creative thinkers, and individual leaders. Each staff member acts independently managing their workflow.

I am proud to drive down the Interstate and pass a billboard that one of our designers designed.

I am proud to watch the local news and realize that all the commercials played through the entire break were created by our Video Director.

I am proud to surf the web and see a retargeting ad or a Facebook Live video created by Midwest Marketing.

I am proud to watch a pre-roll message we worked hard on or get behavioral targeted with one of our ads when researching on YouTube.

I am proud to be geo-fenced and targeted on my IPhone while at a local business.

I am proud when a partner calls or sends a note to say the marketing idea we launched changed their business.

I am proud when a local citizen picks up the phone and takes time out of their busy day to call the agency just to tell us that the television ad we created put a huge smile on their face.

But most of all I am proud to work with a group of fun, talented, focused employees and partners that make coming to work every day a great future to have.