Top 3 Ways to Improve Client Marketing Agency Relationships

When I was preparing to write this blog I was interested to find out that the 3 things I value in my relationship as an marketing agency owner with my client, are also the three things I value most in my relationship with my husband.

  1. In any relationship, it is important to be transparent. Don’t spend your time stacking up information you hold close to your chest thinking you will need it for later. Share it. One great foundation for a transparent relationship between the agency and the client is the scope of work document. Once the agency and the client have discussed the goals of the campaign, a scope of work is developed to outline expectations. The expectations of what is needed to complete the project is broken down showing what the agency is responsible for and what the client is responsible for. It also outlines the cost, the timeline and other important details. When work falls outside of the scope of work, a change order is another important document to stay transparent.
  2. If you don’t have trust, you have nothing. Research shows that the key driver in a great client agency relationship was trust. Today’s business leaders have complex business issues to solve in a short time frame. They need to surround themselves with people they can trust – including their valuable agency partner.
  3. Over the past few decades I have been in the media world, the way we communicate has consistently changed. As a matter of fact, we are communicating less in person. When communication gets off track, it seems to be caused by a misunderstanding of an email or text. The easiest way to communicate effectively is still in person. It allows us to see and feel each other and completely connect with the conversation taking place. Unfortunately, we in the communication business are some of the poorest communicators because we think clients and employees can read our minds.

The biggest key to managing these three things is to regularly check in with your key clients and ask them how you are doing. Ask them what you can be doing better and what they love that you are doing. Also, don’t be afraid to share with them your evaluation of them as well – as a long-term healthy relationship needs to work both ways. If you are looking for an agency partner, contact us at Midwest Marketing.