Social Media Marketing Tricks and Treats

Want to scare up engagement over the next week? Don’t miss these tricks and treats on how to create some scary good fun with your social media marketing this Halloween season.

1. Host an Event
Any business can host a Halloween party, but adding a social twist to it can bring even bigger skeletons out of the closet. Using Facebook to promote an event creates a natural buzz that will generate high engagement.

2. Throw a Costume Contest
Halloween isn’t Halloween without witches, cowboys and ninjas running around right? Tis the season to play dress-up so let’s make the most of it! This next week is a great time to throw an online costume contest. Ask fans to upload a photo of their most creative costume and allow others to vote on a winner. Don’t forget, prizes motivate people! Use an app to make the photo contest easy!

3. Ask Startling Questions
Ask questions that will startle up engagement. Here’s some to get you started:
• What’s your favorite Halloween movie and why?
• What candy is your favorite?
• What’s your Halloween tradition?

4. Use #HalloweenHashtags
Don’t forget the magical power of a hashtag. Hashtags are extremely effective when finding content based on keywords and expanding the reach of your post. Hashtags like: #halloween #costumecontest #hauntedhouse #pumpkin will be sure to get you on more timelines and generate more buzz.

This is a perfect time of year to generate more leads and extra engagement on your social media platforms. These social media tricks and treats will be sure to have a “hair-raising” effect on your customers! Don’t be afraid to have fun with it, people love personal businesses.
If you are still unsure how to grow your social media presence, let the experts at Midwest Marketing help. We love helping your business become greater than.