Find Your Herd

Around the time I was nine years old my family and I packed up our vehicle and drove until we hit this little place known as Custer State Park. Being originally from Minnesota, Custer State Park was somewhat of a mind-blowing experience for me. From the twisting and turning of Needles Highway to the deer, elk and antelope in any direction I decided to look. While the park has so many amazing attributes I was particularly interested in one thing; the fact that there were buffalo and lots of them!

Like the other hundreds of thousands of people that visit the park every year I was a sucker for the majestic herd of bison that call the park home. In all honesty though, how can’t you be? When you look at the herd of over 1,500 bison it almost feels as if you are stepping back in time. Back to the days when travelers in covered wagons came across herds such as the one found in Custer State Park. The only difference is that instead of a covered wagon you get to look at them from the air conditioned seats of your Toyota Corolla.

You’re probably wondering what a state park filled with buffalo, and marketing have in common? Well, Custer State Park has many attractions that make it a wonderful vacation destination for all sorts of people. Although they have all of these different attractions their number one year after year is their buffalo herd. Your business similarly wants to try and reach as many consumers as possible, so you take different actions to make that a reality. However, you also want to “find your herd” or your target market and focus on getting your information and products to them. Finding your target market can help your company create effective marketing strategies, that influence the individuals that are typically going to purchase your product or service.

If you need help “finding your herd” don’t hesitate to contact your team of professionals at Midwest Marketing today and Become Greater Than.


*Disclaimer: When looking for your herd, please keep at least 25 yards between you and the herd at all times. Buffalo are wild animals and can be extremely dangerous.