The Stress Mess

Life is stressful. We’re not sure we’ve ever met anyone who wouldn’t agree with that. For many people the leading cause of stress in their lives is their job. A work stress survey of 1,000 employed Americans conducted by the Huffington Post, found that 83% of people were stressed from work. Poor compensation, unreasonable workload and just trying to find a job in general were some of the most popular stressors associated with work. Bret personally likes to think of himself as a stress-free individual, although somehow it seems to sneak up on him from time to time. In this blog, he’s going to share with all of you a couple ways he tries to manage stress both in and out of the office.

“Wet A Line – I personally love to fish. A weekend with my feet in a stream reeling in rainbow trout helps me forget about any worries I may have otherwise had. While fishing may not be everybody’s cup of tea, everyone does have something that they are passionate about. Finding a hobby or hobbies that you can enjoy on your hard earned day off can be a great reset button. Maybe a hike in the woods will do the trick or sitting down and cruising through a good book is more your speed. Either way finding a hobby that you can do could make all the difference and if you don’t have a hobby I highly recommend fishing!

Tune It Out – While fishing is an excellent stress reliever, it could be difficult convincing the boss to let you grab the rod on a Tuesday afternoon. A great way to manage everyday stress is to flip on some music while you work. Turning on a good ole Waylon Jennings song always puts me in a good mood and seems to increase my productivity at the same time. While any music you like is typically ideal for the workplace environment, listening to Florida Georgia Line is not :).

Stress is part of life and your job can definitely be a big factor when it comes to stress. There are many different ways to deal with stress and some people prefer one over the other. These are two of my favorites and I hope they can be helpful to you if you ever need to use them. If you have any other questions about stress and workload management, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Midwest Marketing today!”