Trending – Responsive Logo Design

10 years ago, mobile responsive design began to revolutionize the web and is now an industry standard to save your brand image. The reasoning behind mobile responsive design is the assortment of screen sizes your designs will be displayed on, for instance, mobile, tablet, etc. This has created some complication for graphic designers, especially when it comes to logo designs.

In order to shift with the times, companies have been refreshing their logos into modern, simplified versions to be more mobile friendly. By doing so, the company’s logo is not stripped of its meaning or essence when rendered on different resolutions. Creating logos that remain clear at different sizes, load quickly, scale nicely, and leave a lasting impact is now the objective.

A great example is Heineken.

Out with the old. Say goodbye to glows, complex illustrations, gradients, and drop-shadows and say hello to a cleaner, simpler look. Logos are the cornerstone of a company’s branding, and it’s essential for them to be mobile responsive. Does your logo need a refresh? Contact us today!