Coloring Outside the Lines

How to Unlock Your Creative Side

Remember back to the days when you would get home from elementary school and show your parents your drawing of an orange and green cow? Of course, as we all know there is no such thing as an orange and green cow, but they were proud of you for having such a creative imagination that they hung the cow on the fridge anyway. Our childhood was the most creative time in our entire lives, although as adult’s creativity seems to dwindle. This creativity didn’t just fall off, our creative side is still there inside every one of us, so how do we access this natural creativity and use it to our advantage every single day?

Think Creative

If you walk around the office every day saying, “nobody likes me,” there is probably a good chance that nobody is going to like you because of how you think of yourself. The same goes for being creative, if you tell yourself “I’m just not a creative person,” then you probably won’t become a creative person. The first step is telling yourself that you are one of the most creative people that you know. A change in mindset is the biggest key to unlocking creativity.

Keep Swinging

Fighting off bad ideas is what leads to uncovering great ones. For example, baseball players will strikeout time after time until they finally hit a home run. The same goes for creativity, you have to get through some bad ideas until you get to the home run. Embrace the failure and don’t get discouraged if things don’t work out right away, great ideas take time.

Get Some Help

Throwing ideas around with a group of others will often work wonders when it comes to sparking creativity. Everybody has their own unique perspective to bring to the table and having different views can very helpful. You can bounce ideas off of a variety of people, including co-workers, family members, or even someone standing in front of you in line at the coffeehouse. You never know who will be able to help you out!

While the days of orange and green cows may be gone, we can still unlock our imaginations and come up with some fun creative marketing concepts!