Direct Mail Comeback

Back when I was a boy, I attended college at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD. When I was at DWU I would always look forward to going down to the mailroom, opening up my mailbox and seeing if there were any surprises inside. Often times I was disappointed, as the only thing waiting for me was nothing but air and a waste of time. Although, every once in awhile I would receive a letter or a package and I would dang near jump for joy. Companies are using this excitement over physical mail to advertise and reach customers in a more personal way. Direct mail advertising has been making a tremendous comeback over the past several years and here’s why:

Trash Bins

No, not the trash bins that you put out on the street once a week for the garbage man to haul away. We’re talking about the little trash bin symbol that you click on when you get all of those emails that you don’t want. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve thrown my “junk” emails right into that little trash bin. We are all so busy and we don’t have time to sit around reading emails that aren’t of the utmost importance. With direct mail advertising, the ad may still end up in the trash but there is a much higher chance of it being read than a traditional email.

Pick Me, Pick Me

When a magician is performing for a group of 2nd-grade students and asks for a volunteer, you’re going to see a flurry of hands shooting in the air and shouts of “pick me, pick me!” This is a similar scene in today’s online advertising world. When you go online, ads are coming at you from north, south, east and west and it’s hard to know which way is up and down. With direct mail advertising, there is not so much clutter so you won’t have to fight off everyone else.

This Just Got Personal

The greatest way to have your advertisements make an impact and leave a lasting impression is personalization. Advances in digital printing have made personalizing direct mail easier and cheaper than it has ever been. This personal feeling of direct mail can be more effective at reaching customers than a standard e-newsletter or other kinds of online marketing strategies.

While the saga of Tiger Woods might be a better comeback story than direct mail, they are both impressive. If you are looking to get started with direct-mail advertising or maybe you just have a few questions, contact us today at Midwest Marketing and Become Greater Than.