The Hater, the Greater and the Rater

Reviews are a powerful thing. They tell a business how they are doing in the eyes of their consumers; they allow a customer an outlet to rate their experience and they allow a prospective consumer a way to research your business based on others’ experiences. This sounds like a great thing, as I am sure it was meant to be. But the system is flawed. The reason is that the common customer does not usually leave a review. Let’s take a look at the three types of people who review:


The Hater – this “glass have empty” person commonly likes to complain and gain attention by venting online via a review on Google or on social media. If this customer really wanted their problem solved, they would pick up the phone and contact the business directly to discuss their displeasure. But typically, this person likes the negative attention.

The Greater – this is the “glass have full” person that is so ecstatic about your business that they are doing something they normally wouldn’t do. They are going to take the time to leave you a review to sing praises for what you did for them. This is the review every business covets because it is directly from the heart.

The Rater – this is the person who reviews everyone and everything. They make it their personal mission to help society by reviewing businesses. If you come across this person, treat them well and they will treat you well over and over again.


The key to managing online reviews is to respond to all of them. Thank the Rater and the Greater for their comments and welcome the Hater to contact you offline via phone. Reviews are a powerful and useful thing when used correctly. Don’t let the one-percenters bring your business down. Every business needs Reputation Management help, Midwest Marketing has years of experience. Drop us an email: or call us at 605-716-5666.