Outsourced – How Using a Marketing Agency Saves You Money

Most people that I’ve met are not big fans of wasting money. Although, everybody has made more than one purchase that they would consider not finically responsible. Anything from the .99 cent app on your phone that never gets played, to the NordicTrack treadmill that is now used as a make shift clothes drying rack. While we can’t stop you from buying Angry Birds and treadmills, we can help you avoid hanging your marketing dollars out to dry. It’s a really simple fix too, just outsource to a marketing agency!

No More Salaries

When you outsource your marketing work to an agency, monthly salaries are a thing of the past. Instead of paying a fixed monthly salary to an employee you can implement that money into your marketing campaign. You can spend you marketing dollars on what they are supposed to be spent on, marketing!

Cameras & Computers

The software and equipment needed to produce high quality audio, video, and designs can easily cost more than tens of thousands of dollars. When you outsource that work to a group of professionals you don’t need to spend that money, it’s all included.

They’ll Pick Up the Check

Marketing agencies have connections with printers, vendors and TV/radio representatives. This allows firms to have the most competitive prices that are offered, which your business may not get. Marketing agencies also pay your bills from these vendors, so you just sit back, this one’s on us.

We Like to Think…

Marketing firms got this marketing thing figured out, or at least they’d like to think they do ;). In all honesty however, with education in both school and real-world experiences, this is all marketing professionals do. Marketing agencies review quantitative and qualitative data in your marketplace and make sure that your money is being put to good use. Finding the best possible ways to put your marketing dollars to work and help you bring in customers.


Let’s take a look into the future… You have decided to outsource your marketing efforts and business is booming. You’ve managed to save money while having more impact with your advertising dollars. With all the money you saved you were able to buy yourself a brand-new boat! Life is good.

If you want to learn more benefits of outsourcing your marketing efforts, contact your team of marketing professionals at Midwest Marketing. If you are just calling to invite us on your new boat, we will gladly accept that offer as well!