7 Mistakes People Make When Writing Facebook Ad Copy

The average modern person is exposed to around 5,000 ads per day, most of them being digital ads. That may seem like an excessive number until you realize that you don’t even pay attention to most of them. Most people drown out ads, scroll past them, or install ad-blockers that help them from not seeing ads in the first place. So how can you get people to stop and actually read your ad? Simple, good ad copy.


“Ad copy” is the not so fancy marketing way of saying, the words that are a part of your ad. The artwork of an ad can get people to stop and pay attention, the copy keeps them there. However, not all copy is the cream of the crop. There are some common mistakes that writers make when writing ad copy, take a look at the seven biggest mistakes people make when writing Facebook ad copy.


You’re too Stiff

Social media is about having fun, so the writing style that you would use for a press release isn’t going to work here. Let your hair down, relax and use Facebook to connect and engage with your audience. Facebook ad copy is a great place to not take yourself to seriously.

Your Copy Doesn’t Match Your Artwork

Your artwork and copy are not two different things, they need to work together if you want a successful Facebook ad. By linking your copy and your art, you’ll be delivering a cohesive message that will boost engagement and conversions.

Throw it Together

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT just slap some words on top of your Facebook ad and call it good. Be thoughtful, think about what makes a good ad and write copy that you can be proud of. It doesn’t take long, take a quick pause before sending your ad out to the world and ask yourself if you’re proud of your copy.

Emojis are Scary

I am here to tell you that emojis are not scary, in fact my mom even uses them (she uses memes too but that is another story). Emojis were once a fringe form of “punctuation,” not anymore. Don’t be afraid to use emojis every once in a while in your ad copy, just don’t go overboard.

All in One Approach

Facebook allows you to make custom audiences to advertise your business to, why wouldn’t you create custom ad copy for them? Different ads resonate with different people. Don’t write one ad copy for everybody, you’ll see way better results if you target your audiences with your ad copy.

No Call to Action

You’re paying for a Facebook ad because you’re wanting people to notice your business and in most cases, take action. You need to have one, and only one, clear call to action for your audience. If you want people to go to your website, your copy should make that known.

Way to Many Words

You’ve paid all this money for a Facebook ad, you’re going to get your money’s worth and cram every bit of information in the ad. This thinking is somewhat logical but it’s still very bad practices to put a book of copy on your Facebook ad. Keep things simple and sweet and your return on investment will prove it’s the right move.


Facebook ad copy doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated. Avoid these seven mistakes and you’ll be on your way to creating killer Facebook ads that enhance your social media marketing!