Best and Worst Social Platforms to Advertise On in 2021

Not all social networks are created equal when it comes to advertising. There also isn’t a clear winner or loser either when it comes to the question of which is best. While some are better than others, all social platforms have their benefits and shortcomings. So let’s go through a few of the most popular and see which is the best for your social media marketing strategy!




Why it’s the Best: Facebook is the supreme ruler of the world when it comes to social networks, there is even a movie called “The Social Network” about Facebook. Anywhere from 90% – 95% of marketers use Facebook for advertising, by far the most of any social network. Facebook has been at the forefront of social ads for as long as anyone can remember and they remain on top with user-friendly ad creation, advanced analytics, and excellent ROI.

Why it’s the Worst: While the entire world is using Facebook, it doesn’t make it an end all be all. One thing that makes Facebook ads so great is the ability to target very specific users. If you don’t have a grasp on who your target demographic is, you won’t be getting the most out of your Facebook ads.



Why it’s the Best: TikTok is the most interesting social platform on this list. Relative to the others on this list, it is brand new and marketers haven’t fully taken over TikTok like they have the other sites. What we can tell you right now is that if your target audience is Gen Z and younger Millennials, TikTok should be on your radar.

Why it’s the Worst: TikTok is uncharted waters for many marketers at the moment. The recent launch of TikTok for Business should help the transition for some brands but at the moment the biggest weakness of TikTok is that they haven’t established themselves as a social advertising juggernaut yet.  



Why it’s the Best: The creators of LinkedIn accomplished exactly what they set out to do. Create a social network for business professionals to share ideas. LinkedIn’s most important benefit in the world of social ads is their employment advertising. No other platform will provide you with higher quality candidates for the money.

Why it’s the Worst: LinkedIn is hyper focused on business individuals. If your expertise falls outside of the suit and tie world, you may be better to steer clear of advertising on LinkedIn.



Why it’s the Best: If you ask anyone under the age of 40 what their favorite social network is, it’s a good chance that answer will be Instagram. The visually centered platform has been a fan favorite for quite some time and for good reason. Advertising on the platform is a great way for businesses to get their message directly to consumers. A focus on beautiful images sets Instagram ads apart from the crowd.  

Why it’s the Worst: Instagram is focused on the consumer and that is why B2C businesses strive on Instagram. If you are a B2B business you may be better off spending your social ad dollars elsewhere.