Personalize Your Email Marketing to Increase Your ROI

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Email marketing is a relatively easy, inexpensive way to promote your business, but are you harnessing the full potential of an email strategy that truly speaks to your audience and maximizes ROI? Segmenting your email list may be the solution you need to make the most out of your email efforts! Segmented emails not only have a 14% higher open rate and 100% higher click-through rate than generic emails, but they lead to an astonishing 760% more revenue than a blanket email that may not be relatable to most recipients.

What is Segmenting in Email Marketing?


Segmenting your contact list means organizing your contacts into different groups based on their demographics, unique needs, or any other category that makes sense for your company. Most email platforms allow you to easily segment your contacts so that you can target different audiences with messages relevant to them.

Step 1: Gather Customer Data


People are often willing to part with some of their information if there is a reward involved – and receiving content that is customized to their lifestyle and what they like is that reward. Ask questions on your email subscription sign-up form that will allow you to categorize your customer later on, such as their reason for subscribing, and provide an answer bank with detailed options. This information is invaluable and paints a picture of each and every customer, while giving them the power to choose what content they want to subscribe to.

Step 2: Categorize Your Email List


Next you will need to decide the best way to group your contact list. There are many ways to do this, and during this decision process you should consider what makes sense for your company. For instance, a clothing store may want to make categories for those interested in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, baby clothing, and so on.

Utilizing information about your customers’ journey on your website is another effective way to segment your email list. An example of this method is creating a group for those that abandoned their cart and sending them an email with a special offer if they come back to complete their purchase.

Your segments will likely change over time as your marketing campaigns evolve and you learn more about how your customers interact with your emails.

Step 3: Start Sending Segmented Emails


Now the fun part begins – making your recipients feel special with personalized emails that feel written just for them! Grab their attention with a catchy subject line that includes their first name. While building your separate emails, include services or products based on what that customer segment would be interested in, and use language that resonates with each demographic.

One thing to be cautious of is focusing too much on selling in your email. You want the person on the receiving end to forget that it is a company sending the email to them, and instead feel as though it is someone they know. Cutting out industry jargon and using “you” and “your” when referring to the reader go far in building a sense of familiarity. And overall, make sure that you are providing useful information, whether it is your own branded content or from a trusted relevant source.

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