My First Two Weeks at Midwest Marketing

Considering I landed a position at a marketing agency, my first day was surprisingly calm. In fact, this was the first time that I didn’t have to hit the ground running and immediately take on assignments, which was a nice change of pace! Unlike the business structures of my previous employers, Midwest Marketing was able to set aside time for me to get my bearings before taking on projects.

My first two weeks were part-time, so I could ensure that my previous workplace wasn’t left in a lurch, and mostly filled with note taking during training sessions to familiarize myself with Midwest Marketing. Along with reviewing MWM’s digital marketing services and campaigns, my schedule consisted of meeting with clients and studying for the Google Analytics and Meta certification exams.

I also received a breakout of my calendar for the next two weeks, an employee handbook, a booklet outlining our services, a list of their clientele, and a summary of my essential job functions. While I’ve worked for three other companies before joining Midwest Marketing, this was the first time I was given so many relevant documents to reference. Knowing exactly what was expected of me reassured me of my decision to accept their job offer, and it gave me valuable insight into how MWM conducted itself.

Now, let’s talk about the people! The members that make up Midwest Marketing are experts of their craft, and they’re all super attentive and accommodating. Each of them had a conversation with me to explain their duties in relation to mine. It was great to have time dedicated to meeting everyone and learning about their responsibilities. Through this small gesture, it’s clear to see that MWM is serious about maintaining a supportive work environment to keep employee morale, retention, and productivity high.

While the first week or two at a new job can be extremely stressful and intimidating, the folks at Midwest Marketing made the transition very pleasant! I felt welcome in the office and prepared to take on my role as their Marketing Coordinator. Although I’ve worked in a few different environments, ranging from a corporate conglomerate to small startups, this is the first time it seemed like my organization was fully prepared to onboard me as a new hire. Needless to say, my first two weeks couldn’t have gone better; and it left me with a great impression of Midwest Marketing!

I know not every week will be calm and easy, but I also know that my teammates have my back. It’s comforting to know that, even if your co-workers are busy, they’ll still take time to help you. All in all, I’m excited to see what the future holds, and I’m pumped to start marketing again!