6 Ways to Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

These days, it seems like people do everything online, from shopping for shoes and ordering their favorite food to furthering their education and looking for jobs. With Internet traffic reaching higher and higher levels every year, it makes sense why many brands have moved more of their marketing dollars into digital marketing strategies.

However, traditional marketing, such as billboards, radio, television, and mail, haven’t gone anywhere and are just as important for a well-rounded marketing plan. In fact, combining your traditional and digital strategies into one cohesive overall plan is a great way to ensure you’re effectively reaching your audience. How do you do that? Follow our tips below!

1. Use Traditional Marketing to Direct to Your Website

An easy way to make the most of your print and out-of-home (OOH) advertisements, such as billboards and posters, is to include a way for viewers to easily get to your website. We recommend the use of QR codes when possible, as they allow the viewer to simply scan the code with their mobile device to get to your landing page. However, don’t forget to spell out your landing page URL as well – if it’s really long, you may want to use a service like Bitly to shorten it and make it memorable for those who may want to visit it at a later time.

2. Repurpose Video for Use on All Platforms

Creating quality video for your business is expensive and time consuming, which is why it only makes sense to use your video assets for more than one purpose. If you run television commercials, edit the video into clips of different lengths, such as 6, 15, and 30 seconds, for use on digital marketing platforms such as social media, your website, and in YouTube ads.

3. Pair Geotargeting with Billboards

Billboards are still a great way to prominently display your message to a wide audience, but by geotargeting digital ads to reach those around a certain vicinity of your billboard, you reinforce that message and provide an easy way for your potential customer to take action.

4. Advertise on Digital Versions of Newspapers and Magazines

While fewer people are picking up physical copies of newspapers and magazines, many still head to the online version of their favorite publications to get their fix. This is good news for you, as it can be much cheaper for you to spread your message through banner ads on a website than through a print ad, and your ad’s reach can also reach significantly more people.

5. Expand Your Radio Reach with Spotify and Pandora

While people still enjoy jamming out to the radio on their way to work, the way in which they do that is looking increasingly different. Instead of turning the knob on an AM/FM radio dial, many are now tuning into their favorite radio station or podcast digitally. This is also good news for you, as you can easily reach this audience by placing ads on platforms like Pandora and Spotify. What’s great about advertising on these platforms is that you can target your message to your audience based on their demographics and listening habits, giving you a more precise approach than just placing ads to play at a certain date and time on your chosen radio station.

6. Share Your Direct Mail Campaign Through Email

If you create assets for a direct mailing piece, most of the work is already done as far as taking that asset and creating an email campaign out of it. And if you’re already collecting email addresses, you are even further along in the game and an email campaign is pretty much a no brainer! Platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact make it relatively simple for you to build and send emails – you can even add personalization to really enhance the customer experience.

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