The Power Pair Changing the Marketing Game

Google Ads Power Pair

From Julius Caesar and Cleopatra to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, there have been pairs throughout history that have used their synergistic powers to impact the world and influence trends. During the recent 2024 Google Marketing Live event, a new “Power Pair” was introduced – Performance Max and Search.

By running both ad campaign types together as part of a cohesive marketing strategy, advertisers have seen 27% more conversions at a similar cost as running just one of the campaigns!

Ready to harness the energy of the Power Pair and increase your ROI? Keep reading!

What is the Power Pair?

The Power Pair consists of Google Search and Google Performance Max ads, which cover all Google channels, including Maps, YouTube, Discover, Gmail, Search, and Shorts, when ran together under one ad account.

Google Search

You’ve probably heard of Google Search ads, which are Google ads that show up in search results when someone uses certain keywords and phrases that you bid on. What’s relatively new as far as Search campaigns is that you can utilize Broad Match and Smart Bidding to take advantage of Google’s AI technology to reach relevant people who may have otherwise not have seen your ad.

Below is an example of a Google Search ad 👇

Example of a Google Search Ad


Google Performance Max

Performance Max is a newer offering from Google Ads that consists of responsive ads that reach your target audience on all Google platforms that Search ads don’t, such as YouTube and Shorts. With Performance Max campaigns, you input copy, images, and videos and Google will assemble ads with your assets to best serve each viewer.

While setting up your Performance Max campaign, there will be a meter that will tell you your ad strength. As you input your assets, watch the gauge and keep optimizing until you receive a score of Excellent, as Performance Max ads with an ad strength of Excellent have been shown to receive 6% more conversions.

Both Google ads campaigns that make up the Power Pair benefit from AI technology to drive better results than ever before!

Below is an example of how a Google Performance Max looks in Gmail 👇

Example of a Google Performance Max Ad


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