Why Your Business Needs a Jingle (or Not)

Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that …. You guessed it.

Jingles can be more powerful than a logo. They are a strong branding tool that helps generate top of mind awareness. Tag lines can do the same thing, but adding music helps us to remember. That is why kids sing the alphabet when they are learning their ABC’s.

Remember the following things when using a jingle for your business:

1. Use a melody you enjoy. If it is annoying to you, it will be annoying to others, and may have a negative effect.

2. Keep the melody simple. Just like your messaging, the simpler the better. A simple melody will be more likely to fit with different mediums and messages in the future.

3. Limit the number of words in your jingle. Above all, you want the consumer to remember your company or brand name. If it has too many words to follow along to, they are less likely to be singing it in their heads all day.

4. Tie your product or service to your jingle. KitKat’s jingle helps the consumer think about their break time (positive thought, like recess) as well as think about the product, which is a candy bar that you break into pieces to eat. Locally, our Granite Automotive jingle is, “Rock Solid, drive granite dot com”. This jingle has a catchy tune, and ties the ‘rock solid’ relationship the dealership has with its customers to the strong rock that granite is. We also incorporate the company’s website, as that is becoming a major tool for our customers in their car buying experience.

5. Use it everywhere! Radio, television, website, YouTube, on hold messaging, and anywhere else you can to build the brand.

Some of the most popular jingles of all time include:

-Doublemint Gum:

-Big Red Gum:

-Kit Kat Bar:

-Meow Mix:

-Oscar Mayer:


-Kay Jewelers:

Good luck in building your brand with a jingle! Remember to keep it simple and be consistent when you use it. We may not be great singers, but for more marketing information please contact the team at Midwest Marketing!