Easter Traditions

It’s hard to believe that it’s already March, let alone the week leading up to Easter weekend. Where has the time gone? Here are some of the traditions that our team hold close to them each Easter.

Josh – My family doesn’t have much for Easter traditions, just spending the day together. We usually go to church for the 8:00am service followed by a nice brunch at someone’s house around 11:00. We all bring our favorite brunch items, mine is usually some sort of egg bake, delicious of course. Following brunch, we hang out and play a board game.

Christi – Typically in my family, we go to church and watch the children’s program, not involving a big bunny with a basket of candy, but the story of Jesus. My mom usually has roast beef with potatoes, onions and carrots cooking in the slow cooker (my favorite meal) while we are at church so we can have a yummy meal after celebrating Resurrection day with our church family.

Dawn – Easter Traditions in the Claymore family vary from a quick vacation into the sun to us hosting a traditional Easter dinner. Easter dinner consists of ham, potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, rolls and dessert followed by cards and games. WE ATTEND Easter mass before preparing all the fixings.

Jordan – Easter is always one of my favorite holidays. I love the renewal of spring and reminder of what Jesus gave so we may live! Growing up my mom was the best “Easter Bunny” you could possibly ask for. My brother and I would search for eggs for hours and then our finale would be finding our Easter basket that could only be found by a scavenger hunt my mom would put together using a bunch of clues. Apart from Easter egg fun, I remember always going to church and having a large family get together with all the food and laughter you could ask for.

Shanna – Easter at our house starts with sunrise church service and then a hearty breakfast. When I was growing up we would then go outside to hunt for the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny hid overnight. Well, when it was nice enough to hunt for eggs outside. I grew up in North Dakota, so many times our Easter egg hunt was in the living room. Easter 2015 will forever be my favorite Easter, as my son was born on Good Friday of that year and we were able to go home and introduce him to my daughter on Easter Sunday. Now that my daughter will be almost three years old this Easter, I am excited to dye eggs with her, make an Easter basket, get her and my almost one year old new outfits with hats of course, and play the Easter bunny and hide eggs. Hopefully outside.

Megan – We always did the fun Easter activities, dye eggs, go on an Easter egg hunt and eat lots of candy. We always have a big family meal and gathering on Easter Sunday now, although we don’t dye eggs or go on a hunt, we still get candy from the Easter Bunny!

Todd – Traditions come and go…traditions change. Easter for me is no exception to that. When my son was little we would all gather after church at my in-laws house for a nice Easter meal, usually ham. Once the meal was consumed, the Easter egg hunt began. Everything was hidden prior to us arriving so that those still believing in the Easter Bunny wouldn’t suspect anything different.

Now that he is older and out on his own and no longer believes in the Easter Bunny we all just gather for a nice meal, still usually ham.

Jon – An argument could be made that I’m a bit nontraditional, in that I have only a modicum of holiday traditions, and Easter is not among that exclusive club. When I was young, my family would often travel to one of our extended family’s abode to “celebrate”. One year we went to my uncles in Iowa, which was a lot of fun, as our cousins were around me and my brothers age. Probably the best tradition was the copious devouring of chocolate bunnies of all sizes.

We at Midwest Marketing wish you and yours a wonderful and Happy Easter!