Ad Blocking: Love It, Don’t Fear It

First of all, what is Ad Blocking?  Ad Blocking is any program that removes ads from a user’s view. Examples include users opting to install software/hardware to eliminate ads from showing on their webpages, and recording shows with TiVo so they can fast-forward through all the commercials.

What this means for marketing is that although certain people may be in your specified target group, your ad is not reaching them. Sounds scary, right? In a way, yes. These people could be the perfect customer for you and they aren’t seeing you in the traditional touch points they are used to.

BUT – Ad blocking is not going to ruin you. In fact, it is pushing marketers to be more creative. Instead of throwing the same old ads in people’s faces, we need to think outside the box and find more effective ways to reach customers.

One technique that will lead you to success is writing long-form content. It is important to let the world know that you are an expert in your field. Start providing your customers and followers with answers to common questions. You will gain their trust and they will voluntarily come to you for more information. (Example: this article)

Another popular trend in marketing is using native ads. Native ads are ads disguised as content. They do not disrupt a user’s experience while on a website. They might think that your native ad is just another article on the site they are visiting. These ads are click-friendly and provide advertisers with a way to share their content.

Now that you have all this great content, use it to begin a newsletter! E-mail is still a great way to reach your existing customers. As a selling point, try to offer something to your potential subscribers. Whether it’s a free dessert or $5 off an oil change, you need to provide an incentive for them to bite the bullet and sign up.

Finally, try creating more interactive ads. Create a quiz that will tell people what their dream car should be – and the answer will be a vehicle on your lot. Advertise a crossword puzzle in a local magazine – the answers will only be available at your store. Get people interested in your ads and you will receive a greater return on investment than when you were just throwing repetitive ads onto their favorite webpages. If you’re looking for creative ways to get your message to reach your customers, contact us at Midwest Marketing – we would love to help!