Google’s new Click-to-Text

It’s no surprise Google is constantly keeping us on our toes with the latest technology and online marketing strategies. Recently Google released their new call to action extension with search ads. The Click-to-Text is generating a new, effective way for consumers to message and communicate with a business.

With nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners using messaging more than five times a day to communicate with others (Google Consumer Survey) this is a great strategy to move towards. If you think about it, how would you prefer making plans with your friends? Do you call or is it easier to send a simple text message asking, “Dinner at 7?”. Many people would agree that texting is a lot easier and faster. Studies have even shown open rates for text messages to exceed 98%! Sign me up, right!?

This is a great new feature, but there are some things to carefully consider. Who will be answering the text messages? Depending on the size of your business someone may have to manually manage them, or if suitable, there are online platforms with automated messaging systems to aid in the communication process. Another aspect to consider is how you will track conversions once it becomes a text conversation, as Google will not be able to.

With a fine-tuned plan on how to execute and measure the Click-to-Text extension you could unlock a new source of revenue and may just be what your business has been missing. Contact us today at Midwest Marketing to help with your Online Marketing!