6 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized

I am that personality type that far too often, “flies by the seat of her pants.” It’s not a trait I’d advise. Even though it leaves room for spontaneous adventure, it can be super dysfunctional at times. So if you are like me tips on how to stay organized are always appreciated.

1. Know Your Top Three Tasks
It is super beneficial to write down your top three tasks that must be completed by the end of the day. Once you know them and stay on the agenda everything else manages to get done with the rest of the work flow.
2. Do one thing at a time, and do it now.
Focus on one project at a time and see it through until it’s finished. Don’t make the excuse of “I can do it later.” That response typically results in not getting it done later.
3. Have a place for everything
If you know the staples are in drawer and that paper is in a certain file- you’ve really figured something out. Keeping organized and aware of where your things are located is impeccable when it comes to not wasting time trying to find things.
4. Have…less…stuff
I think the title speaks for itself.
5. Reminders
Find a way that works for you. Whether it be your iPhone, notepad, marker board, planner, or etc. find a way to stay reminded of what needs to be done and what events or appointments you have coming up, and appointments. Keep this information all in one place, so it remains easy to keep track of.
6. Put it Back
The key to this is easy. Whatever you are using, put it back as soon as you are finished with it.

These are a few habits I try to cultivate often. With a little bit of help, even the worst of us can create a little more control over our lives.

If you have any organizational habits you would like to share, contact Midwest Marketing and we would be glad to share your tips!