National Take a Hike Day

For National Take a Hike Day we asked the employees at Midwest Marketing what their favorite places to hike were…

Dawn’s favorite place to hike is the Sunday Gulch trail at Sylvan Lake.

Megan said any trail! She is a hiking addict! Hell Canyon and Old Baldy are to name a few of her top favorites.

Todd was in hiking club in high school and now enjoys hiking around his hunting grounds, but he’s not giving those secrets up.

Sasse think’s the last time he hiked was in 2010, when he had to turn back after spotting a snake in the overgrown trail. Back in the day he used to love the outdoors hiking and rock climbing, but doesn’t fancy a run in with snakes.

Christi loves to take a hike down to the nearest boardwalk and then dig her toes in the sand, smell the ocean air and feel the sunshine on her face! And no, she’s not talking about South Dakota. 😉

Bree’s favorite place to hike is Devils Bathtub in Spearfish Canyon during the fall. She also enjoys finding random spots in the Black Hills when she goes RZR riding.

Where are your favorite places to hike? Share them with us on our Facebook post!