Midwest Marketing Thanksgiving Favorites and Plans

Dawn- “I always host Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday because it is all about family, friends and food. This year looks to be around 15. We always smoke a turkey and have a ham as well.”

Megan -“We are trying something new and are going to the Nebraska Corn Huskers game!”

Todd – “We all gather at my in-laws house, here in Rapid City. My favorite part is having the family all together and the pies.”

Sasse- “My newest tradition is meeting up with my brothers at my youngest brothers house down in Arizona.”

Christi- “Favorite part of thanksgiving besides eating way too much, is finishing up the pies with tons of whip cream for breakfast the next day while putting the Christmas tree up (the only acceptable/appropriate time to do so ;P!)”

Bree- “I love spending time with family and enjoying too much stuffing and pumpkin pie! I tend to follow the quote ‘Gobble til you wobble’, by attending 3-4 Thanksgiving dinners in one day.”

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