How to Extend Traditional Marketing with Facebook Ads

Oftentimes, we see the battle between Traditional and Digital Marketing as separate components when it comes to overall marketing strategy. Yet, the best results come from utilizing both strategies together. There are several different ways to combine these two mediums, but in this blog we will introduce you to the power of targeted Facebook Ads.

Facebook has several different partners of whom provide Facebook with a lot of data. With this data, marketers can target audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviors, retarget with the Pixel, create custom audiences as well as lookalike audiences.

To explain a little further on the advanced targeting, the Facebook Pixel is a code we can install onto your website that will compile an audience of users who have visited your website. Once the audience has been formed, we can then retarget them with a specific ad based on their activity on your website.

Custom audiences are another method for advanced targeting on Facebook. Do you have customer emails who have opted in for receiving marketing material? You can target them again on Facebook! Once we’ve created this list, we can even create a lookalike audience to find new customers that match your current audience.

By using the advanced Facebook Ads in conjunction with your Traditional Marketing we can increase your frequency and extend the reach of your traditional campaign while using the same content so the message isn’t lost. Plus, the best part of Facebook Ads– the analytics. There’s no more guessing how many times someone saw your ad or if they performed an action after seeing your campaign. Facebook analytics can track reach, frequency, CTR, CPC, impressions, track conversions and so much more!

Interested in extending your traditional marketing onto Facebook Ads? Give us a call! Or maybe you have a smaller budget and just want to see what Facebook Ads can do for your business – we can still help!

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