Social Media Management: What is a Content Calendar?

Content Calendars! If you don’t make one for your social media posts your social media management strategy is missing out. Quite honestly, I don’t think there is a greater feeling than telling you some of our clients have posts scheduled through February. Now, don’t get us wrong having a strategy in place is excellent, but don’t forget with social media you should always leave room for the unexpected. Social media is a place to be just that, social. Businesses should try to be a part of the conversation in trending content, which can happen at any instant. Yes, the content calendar will keep you in line and prepared but that does not mean you should schedule the posts and never look back. At Midwest Marketing we are actively on social media and within your account to see what is trending in the industry and proactively scheduling content around what is trending.

What does a content calendar look like? Here’s an example. The different colors for us, mean the various clients we have that are labeled in the key to the top right.

What does a content calendar look like?

We can plan by the week, month, or whatever your heart desires. Personally, we like to do the whole month. And hey, don’t want to mess with this at all? – We have you covered! Ask us about our Social Media Management Packages today or email