Facebook Goes Back to Their Roots

If you haven’t heard, last week Facebook announced a huge update to their algorithm. In short, Facebook will go back to its roots and prioritize “friends and family at the core of the experience”.

As a business page on Facebook, if you are using the platform correctly you have nothing to fret when it comes to the new update. Social media is a place to be just that, social. Businesses should try to be a part of the conversation in trending content and engage with their audience. If your current strategy is just pushing content to push content, this will no longer work in your favor. You need to be strategizing and creating content that is engaging to your audience and focus on community.

All in all, the new update boils down to being real, being social and being smart with your strategies. As an added suggestion, make sure you are diversifying your marketing strategies and not just putting all of your eggs in one basket.

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