Marketing to Millennials

There seems to be a constant buzz about millennials, but have you seen the statistics on the millennial generation? It’s time we give them a break, and not just because I am a millennial writing this. 😉

For one, they are the largest demographic in the United States. They grew up with a level of technological literacy that no other generation had. And because of that technology, they have become the most brand loyal generation to date. Thank you social media! How do we have social media to thank for that? Brands that are on social media using the platform correctly to actively engage with their consumers in an authentic way are creating personal, meaningful relationships that are earning their right to brand loyalty for the millennials.

Recent studies on what millennials are watching on YouTube also provides us with a much prettier picture than perceived of the generation. Some may argue the use of technology is proof of laziness, but YouTube stats show otherwise.

According to Google, “70% of millennial YouTube users watched YouTube to learn how to do something new or learn more about something they’re interested in. Millennials are self-starters and doers.” (Google)

It’s all about the long-term potential. Capture their brand loyalty now and you have them for life. Interested in learning more about marketing to millennials? Give us a call! 605-716-5666