Not Everyone is a Graphic Designer

If you have a plumbing problem, would you rather:

1) Spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos trying to figure out what they are even talking about. “This gadget thing goes here and connects to this tube looking part….”


2) Call your local plumber because he or she knows what those thingamajigs are for?

Calling a professional sounds like a better bet to save you time and assure the job is done properly. The same thing goes for Graphic Designers. Especially, in a world full of apps that can “make anything” in seconds, free website builders and cheap logo designs popping up everywhere. A lot of these may sound great, but certainly isn’t suitable for many. When you’re the best in the industry, you need a visual identity to match.

Knowing how to use Photoshop or InDesign doesn’t make someone a designer, the same way knowing how to use a paintbrush doesn’t make someone an artist. Anyone can use a pencil, but not everyone can produce amazing pencil illustrations. Anyone can use a camera, but not everyone is a photographer.

What separates Designers from the “I’ve got Photoshop”?

  • Designers make decisions based on the elements of design rather than throwing something together because it looks nice or cool.
  • Designers don’t just throw something on their screen and hope it looks professional and sends the right message. There is a thought process; color choice, placement and knowing what works best for that client’s message and intended medium.
  • Designers are innovative, they are creative and can create mind blowing ideas that the average person cannot.
  • Designers go beyond. This is their career, they’re college educated. Your project is just as important to them as it is to you.

There is a method to their madness.

If everyone has the same tools to work with, designers have to offer something that people can’t do themselves. With decades of experience, the Midwest Marketing’s graphic design team has produced award-winning creative that gives every message a vibrant voice. It begins by pinpointing the most effective brand messaging for our partners and creating visual concepts that inspire action.

You can go anywhere for cheap designs, and in this world, you get what you pay for. Spend it wisely.

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