Influencer Marketing

Marketing is a world of snappy catch phrases and buzzwords used to catch people’s attention, and lately one of the terms that keeps popping up is, “influencer marketing.” While influencer marketing is trendy right now the concept behind it, is nothing new. It is a spin on an old-school tactic that can be very effective.

Influencer marketing in a nutshell is a marketing strategy that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to a larger target market. Celebrities and professional athletes have been used by larger companies to promote products, such as Subway sandwiches or Nike basketball shoes. While it’s not plausible for small businesses to hire LeBron James to be an influencer for them, all businesses are able to use influencer marketing like never before because of social media.

Information on the internet travels like waves and influencers are the wavemakers. They have the followers, the trust of those followers, and the influence to turn an audience on or off of a product. Influencers can be unpaid or paid (money, free products) advocates of a product or service. They are typically individuals that use, approve, and spread recommendations of the product or service. With influencer marketing you’re trying to find influencers to spread your message to a new, larger audience.

Social media has given anyone the opportunity to share their voice with the rest of the world and businesses can utilize this to help themselves grow. This marketing strategy is different from the many kinds out there today or in the past. Gaining an influencer base is about unique, honest, and real relationships between the influencer and the brand/company itself. When companies decide to commit to influencers, they are committing to long-term advocates for their customers.

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