Hiring a Marketing Agency is Like Hiring a Contractor

Interested in hiring a marketing agency? The way it works at Midwest Marketing is we first start by having you answer our new client discovery questions. Once we’ve received your questions back and reviewed them, we will meet with you in person to gather more details on what you are looking for in a marketing plan, much like a contractor would for a project.

It’s hard for us to “ballpark”. Consider remodeling your kitchen. To get an accurate quote for the project, you need to sit down, have a conversation and price things out. What type of wood do you want for your cabinets? What type of countertops are your style? Do you want laminate or tile flooring? And so on. The prices of those items effect the overall cost of your project. Of course, we can recommend a budget to you, but what if you hate fiberglass and wanted granite countertops? To make your marketing dreams come true we try to put together different options for different price points once we get your wish list put together.

The same difficulty to ballpark can be said for overall creative strategy. It’s our job to wow you with awesome creative campaigns and production, but what if you hate a comedy approach or you don’t really want a new logo. We need to know that beforehand when putting together the plan.

We too deal with blueprints. Much like a kitchen remodel, things come up that can change the estimate or budget. For instance, if you decide that you want to add a dishwasher to your kitchen your blueprint would look drastically different. Same goes for us, if you decide that it’s time for a new logo, the blueprint would look different with new signage, promotional products, collateral pieces, etc. Or maybe you are ready to join the digital age, but don’t just need someone to monitor your social media, you need someone to set up your social media. All these things apply to your blueprint and add into your overall budget.

It takes time and resources. Lastly, we’re a professional service, just like a contractor, lawyer, or doctor. You can’t just go to the doctor to get a mole check and if you decide you don’t want to take the doctor’s advice for your plan of action, not pay for the time of the visit. The same is true for us. There is a lot of time, research, and planning that we need to gather to serve you the best we can.

If you’re interested in working with us, please visit our new form on our website, so we can start building you the best marketing blueprint: Contact Us