6 Ways to Improve Your Website Design

I’m a big fan of the internet. If I had to venture a guess I would say that you are pretty fond of it as well! The internet is cool, you can communicate with people from around the globe, research interesting historical facts, or read really awesome blog posts from excellent writers, like us . Even with all this internet greatness, there is a lot of internet junk as well. The biggest culprit of internet junk is a crappy website. We’ve all been there, we go onto a website and it’s just plain ‘ole crappy. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your website beautiful inside and out!


White Space, Right Space

When it comes to designing/redesigning your website, give your content room to breathe. White space is the best way to do this. By implementing white space to your webpage, it will give you a clean-uncluttered look, while highlighting your content all at the same time.

Befriend Mobile

While people are big fans of the internet, they are bigger fans of their phones. According to Google, more than 50% of internet searches are done on a mobile phone. If your website looks great on Grandma’s computer but horrible on her granddaughter’s iPhone, you are going to run into issues.


While TwitFaceGram is not exactly what you would call a real thing, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the three-headed monster of digital marketing. By putting easy to click social media buttons on your website, it gives your visitors a quick way to interact with you.

Calling All Actions

Add call to action buttons to your website to get customers to interact with you. Getting them to exchange their email address for access to your super cool newsletter or an offer are great ways to get customers involved.

Give It a Run Through

Over time it is inevitable that some of your website pages will start to have errors and failures. Your website visitors won’t tell you about them either (how rude of them), they’ll just leave. Make sure to quickly run through your website every now and then to make sure all the cows and chickens are still there.

Let Loose

Your website is a place for visitors to find information and research you, but most importantly it’s a place to have fun. Show your customers that there are real people behind the website and that you are fun and easy to get along with. Add fun questions to your employee’s bios and other quirky things to show your human side.


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