Hi Mom…

Hey Mom, you’re kickass. Kickass is typically not a word used to describe most moms, it’s always sweet, caring or nurturing but when it comes down to it my mom is kickass and I bet yours is too.

Recently, I was at an event and in a small group discussion, a lady was talking about her now adult children. She shared with us how many good times and memories were made with her kids when they were between the ages of zero and 18. She went on to talk about big family vacations to the mountains and the oceans and how she truly cherished each and every one of those memories. We were all laughing and smiling at her telling these stories, but what she said next was like a metaphorical punch to my gut.

“We just don’t seem to have as big of an impact on our kids after they turn 18.” It sank my heart thinking that this mother that I didn’t know at all felt this way. In my old age at the age of 22, I would say that my mom has just as big of an impact on me now, then at any other point in my life. My mom doesn’t have to change diapers anymore or coach my youth basketball team. Those days are done and over with, but what we are left within the ruble of those experiences is a real, true friendship.

My mom is a steady voice of reason and a sympathetic ear when I’ve had a tough day. She’s there for me when I’m on cloud nine and she’s there for me when rock bottom seems like the only place I’ll be. Yes, there are aspects of childhood that I’m sure are missed by both moms and kids, but being able to have a conversation about “how was your day” instead of that Cody stuck gum in Mindy’s hair and I couldn’t sleep at all during Kindergarten nap time is much more meaningful and enjoyable for the both of us.

To our mystery mom who thinks she doesn’t have the impact on her adult children, I hate to inform you that you’re dead wrong. No matter what age we are, our moms have a profound impact on our lives. Maybe we’ve moved away so we don’t get to see each other every day so that impact feels less tangible, but I can tell you from experience that makes your impact all the more meaningful.

Mom, you’re my best friend, I love you, and you’re kickass.

To all our Midwest Marketing moms and moms around the globe, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!