8 Marketing Initiatives to Consider During COVID-19

1) Right now, the digital landscape is stronger than ever. Although people may not be coming in the doors to your business as frequently as they have been, people are still shopping. Social media, especially live and video content is getting plenty of engagement. You can also use your social channels for live chats or to host virtual events for customers. First and foremost, have a clear message to let your customers know if you are open or closed.

2) While Google searches are extremely heightened right now, don’t forget about YouTube. YouTube is the number two search engine after Google. If you have a catalog of videos now it a great time to create your own channel or start one from scratch if you don’t. “How To” videos are the number one searched topic on that search engine.

3) Your digital footprint, especially your website should be the most relevant and up to date, it’s ever been! Now’s a great time to dive into your Google Analytics and see what content is getting engaged with and why. This may be the time to test out an online only offer. With Google Analytics not only can you help look at the content you can analyze the customers and channels your customers are using to get there.

4) Speaking of analyzing your customers, do you have Buyer Personas? Buyer personas help you gain a broader understanding of who your customers are and what they need from you. This helps you better serve each segment of your audience and provide them with advertising and insights that resonate with them.

5) Now is a time to consider adding a blog. How Does Blogging Help? Blogging helps boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions. For example, if you write a blog on the top five ways to till a garden your page is very relevant to a new gardener who is looking for tips to start their first garden.

6) Survey says… that surveys are a great way to get feedback from customers, employees, target markets, and event attendees. A custom survey is the best way to truly understand your customers and get their wants and needs in real-time.

7) If you’re not already doing it, start email marketing! Stay top of mind, while tailoring your message to a qualified audience with Email marketing. Emails can be a great place to keep your customers informed and keep them in the know of what is happening in your business during this time and always.

8) You’ve got mail, the real kind, in your mailbox. People are home more than ever before and this is the perfect time to extend them an exclusive offer!

Many are seeking distraction from the Coronavirus and using online media as a distraction.  Inform and support; be sincere, sensitive, and transparent; educate, serve, and give back! This is an unprecedented global crisis. Brands need to consider an unprecedented response. The action taken by brands during difficult times will be remembered for years to come. Be brave and be a leader in your response.

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