Excitement & Execution

Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night with one, sometimes it happens while you’re doing your favorite activity, every once in a while you’ll get one watching TV, or just lounging around the house… I’m talking about an idea of course! When the lightbulb goes off and you have the most amazing idea this world has ever seen and you want to get to work on it right away! However, you might want to consider slowing your roll to make sure you can execute that idea to its fullest potential.

The time that elapses between the excitement of an idea and the execution of it can be a long process and many grand ideas meet their end during this time. Your ideas don’t have to end here, if you know how to maximize this time you can improve upon your exciting idea and execute it to its full potential. Here are a couple of marketing tips to execute your big ideas:

2 Heads are Better Than 1

As a matter of fact, the more heads the better! Don’t keep your ideas to yourself, bounce them off of as many heads as you can find and get feedback. Feedback from your colleagues and peers is invaluable in helping unlock an ideas full potential. Everybody’s brain works differently, which means that someone may look at your idea from an angle that you would have never thought of and open up a world of possibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help to get your idea off the ground or across the finish line. A good ole fashioned brainstorming session can be the difference in executing and not.

Start Writing

This tip applies to ideas that come to you in two different forms. The first would be when inspiration strikes at 3 AM and you pop awake with a brilliant idea or when you’re busy with another activity. In both of these instances, you’re not exactly able to sit down and pound out an idea for hours afterward. What you can do is grab a pencil (or pen, it really doesn’t matter which one you choose) and write down the highlights of your idea. Scribble as much stuff as you can really quickly, that way when you come back to your idea you will have a great baseline to start with.

Take Your Time

Every once in a new moon inspiration strikes and takes over and everything comes together lickety-split. More often than not, the execution of a good idea takes some time, just like the odd adage says. Don’t get frustrated and dump your idea because it’s taking a little time to come together. Eventually, there is a time to cut and run but give your idea room to breathe, and more often than not everything will fall into place.

We hope that these short tips help you execute more big ideas in the future. If there is a big idea that you have that you want Midwest Marketing to help you execute, contact us today!