Online Video: What Are YOU Watching?

Do you ever wonder how many people have the same interests as you when it comes to online video? Google was wondering the same thing, so they did an extremely interesting study analyzing 12,000 people ranging from ages 13 to 64 worldwide around why they watched what they watched in the last 24 hours. This study finds plenty of similarities and differences between cultural and generational interests.

Streaming has taken the place of regular cable and satellite TV programming in many areas over the years and has impacted Gen Zers and Millenials in a much more positive light. Providing less commercials and more viewing selection, streaming services and online video (think YouTube) have specifically catered to younger generations’ interests and emotions. 70% of worldwide video watchers state that their moods direct their content choices. Can you agree with that? I know when I’m feeling down in the dumps I definitely look for a funny video of a squirrel falling off a bird feeder (or other animal related clumsiness) to put a smile on my face!

Enjoyment is the key component to online video in 2020. According to this Google study, the ability to assist individuals to dig into their interests was 2X as important as high production quality or being on a preferred network or platform, and 4X more important than content featuring famous actors! Looks like celebrities aren’t always meant to be in the spotlight after all, the exception I assume, being Nick Offerman – the woodworking, acting, author, theater, every-man that can answer just about any hobby related question. Famous actors were among the least important reasons to watch a video according to 6 out of the 9 countries, except for Japan where it ranked slightly higher.

While this study isn’t saying videos that look like they were filmed with a potato get more views, production value isn’t necessarily the most important thing people look for when searching for videos. Again, it’s all about the content. If it contains information or entertainment the people are looking for, they’ll watch it, HD or not. Digging deeper into their interests is key. Another high-ranking reason for watching was content that teaches something new. Be honest, how many times have you searched how to change a tire? Or how to cook fried rice? If your number is high, me too my friend, me too.

This study gives a lot of credit to content that let the participants dig deeper into their interests, but the number 1 worldwide reason why they watch what they watch is to relax and unwind. Figures! Depending on the person, any type of video could help them relax and unwind, so it really is a catch-all for answers.

Not to exclude Gen X or Boomers, but younger generations were more likely to seek out short-form content such as webisodes, tutorials, and short video clips produced by professional and amateur creators including user-generated content (think YouTubers).

With the video world changing all around us it’s important to stay on top of the latest studies and updates so you’re always in the game. If you’re looking to freshen up your online video content, give us a call at 605-716-5666! (Study to reference )