A Quick Guide to Advertising on YouTube


The great smoky yonder of digital marketing for many advertisers tends to be YouTube. They notice the value, they see other’s ads on the platform, but can never seem to make the jump into doing it for themselves. In this blog we are going to try to demystify some of the facets of YouTube ads for you and show you how they can help your business!



Type of Ads

TrueView Ads

      • When most people think of YouTube ads, they are thinking about what are called TrueView ads. TrueView ads can either be skippable ads between 12 seconds and 6 minutes in length (most are 30 seconds), or non-skippable ads between 15-20 seconds in length. TrueView ads are so popular because you are only charged when a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of your ad or takes action off the ad.

Preroll Ads

      • Preroll ads have a deceiving name as they can play before, in the middle, or after the main video. These are 15-20 second non-skippable ads and no matter when they play they are all called preroll ads. These ads are popular options because they cannot be skipped but remember that these are sold on a pay-per-click system so make sure to have a strong call-to-action in these ads.

Bumper Ads

      • Bumpers are the shortest ad you can buy on YouTube. These are the six second videos that sometimes play before the main video. Bumpers are a great way to snag a viewer’s attention span in the low attention span world we live in today.


Budgeting & Bidding

Once you’ve determined what type of YouTube ad you would like to run and have the creative ready to go, it’s time to set a budget and begin the bidding process. YouTube will ask you to set a maximum daily budget and you can put any custom number you would like that works for your company.

It will then prompt you with some other questions about the location you would like to run in, language, devices you want to be on, etc. Once those steps are complete you will be asked to set your max bid price. This will determine the maximum price you will pay for each view. There is also a neat little meter that shows you your projected views in relation to how much you spend.

You’re All Done

After a few more basic questions about targeting and linking your Google Ads account with your YouTube channel you are all done and ready to be an official YouTube marketer!


If you need help optimizing, defining your metrics and goals, branding, custom audiences, or tracking conversions on your newly setup YouTube ad, feel free to give us a call at 605-716-5666.