The iOS14 Update’s Effect On Digital Advertising


Are you one of the millions of Americans that own an iPhone? If the answer is yes, you probably have been hearing the buzz about the newest iOS14 update. From a consumer stand point there’s a lot to be attracted to, but from a digital advertising stand point, it puts up a few road blocks that will result in several marketing strategies shifting gears in order to adjust.

It is no secret data privacy has been an ongoing project of Apple’s for some time now. With this App Tracking Transparency update, users will be able to see what data is being mined when they are visiting apps and websites and can choose to opt out of having this information tracked. Since this third party-data collection plays a big part on how advertisers build their campaigns, this will likely require a restructuring of many of our detailed targeting efforts in order to maintain our goals. Users will still be served ads normally, they will just be less customized than they once were.

Social Media platforms like Facebook will be taking the biggest hit from this update. They have advice on how to keep your ad campaigns on top of these changes.

  1. Verify your domain if you’re running ads on Facebook
  2. Define and prioritize 8 conversion events
  3. Prepare for changes in the attribution window
  4. Prepare for limited targeting
  5. Figure out new campaign optimization strategies


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