Top 3 Email Marketing Mistakes

Permission-based marketing has and will continue to see a rise in popularity. For those that are unfamiliar with the term permission-based marketing, it’s simply a fancy way to say that a consumer has voluntarily given you their permission to contact them. This could be them filling out a survey and giving you their address to send them direct mail promotions or them signing up for your e-newsletter. The easiest and most common form of permission-based marketing is email marketing and for good reason. It’s cost effective and gives a business a platform to deliver information to customers who are interested in them.

Email marketing often gets lumped into the category of “low hanging fruit” because it is easy for anyone to start a e-newsletter. However, many businesses develop bad habits with their email marketing and we’re here to help you kick those bad habits. Below are the top three worst email marketing habits that you need to break!


Loosen Up a Bit

We’ve all gotten emails that are so boring that you just can’t stand to read the next word, so it goes right in the trash. Don’t be so professional that it sounds like a robot typed your email, it won’t resonate with your audience. Unbutton your collar, let your hair down and have a little fun with your email marketing. Use this as an opportunity to set yourself apart with a unique brand voice.


Quit Talking About Yourself

I don’t blame you for talking about yourself, your probably a really interesting person and if I were you I’d probably talk about myself too! While you can talk about yourself as much as you want, an email is not the place to do that. Provide a value to your readers, in the content of your email. Recipients of an email only read things that are of interest to them or if they think they can gain knowledge from it. If you’re talking about yourself, you are more than likely not doing either.



The most basic mistake in the book is forgetting to give your email one last read before you send it to the masses. Mistakes with grammar can contribute to you losing your credibility quickly. Take an extra minute or two and make sure you’ve spelled everything correctly and used punctuation accordingly. There is nothing more embarrassing than a recipient telling you that something is spelled wrong and you can’t get it back.


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